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Geert 'T Jong, M.D., Ph.D.

University of Manitoba

Clinician Scientist



Clinical Research Government Initiatives and Perspective—How to Enhance Development of Appropriate Formulation through Legislation and Funding

Mike Abernathy

Amgen Inc.

Executive Director

To be Announced
Genzyme - Debora Aguiar

Deborah Aguiar



Implementation of an Analytical Lifecycle Management Program

Sreedhara Alavattam, Ph.D.

Genentech, Inc.

Principal Scientist

Fragile—Handle with Care: Drug Product Handling

John Alexander, M.D.

U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Deputy Director

Global Pediatric Development: An FDA Pediatrician’s Perspective

Shashi Amur, Ph.D.

U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Scientific Adviser, Office of Translational Sciences

Biomarkers, Clinical Trials, Drug Development, Genomics, Imaging, Microarrays, Pharmacogenomics Role of Biomarker in Supporting Personalized Medicine Efforts

Thomas Anchordoquy, Ph.D.

University of Colorado



United States

Focus Group>New Delivery Modalities, New Delivery Modalities Overcoming Critical Barriers to Lipid-Based Gene Delivery

Daniel Anderson, Ph.D.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering and Institute for Medical Engineering and Science


United States


Sean Arlauckas, Ph.D.

Massachusetts General Hospital

Research Fellow

In Vivo Imaging Reveals a Tumor-Associated Macrophage–Mediated Resistance Pathway in Anti–PD-1 Therapy

Mayssa Attar, Ph.D.

Allergan, Inc.

Vice President

Bioanalytical Testing, Biomarkers And Imaging, Clinical Pharmacology; PK/PD And Bioanalytics, Clinical Research, Discovery, Drug Development, Pharmacokinetics And Drug Disposition, Preclinical Toxicology Testing And IND Application Preclinical Development of a Topical Dermatological Drug Product
Sherif Badawy 6763

Sherif Badawy, Ph.D.

Bristol-Myers Squibb Company

Research Fellow

Focus Group>Preformulation, Focus Group>Process Development, Focus Group>Process Modeling And Simulation, Focus Group>QbD And Product Performance, Formulation Design And Development>Preformulation, Formulation Design And Development>Process Development, Formulation Design And Development>QbD And Product Performance, Manufacturing Science And Engineering>Process Development, Manufacturing Science And Engineering>Process Modeling And Simulation Current Overview of Compaction Simulation Technology and Its Application in Product Development

Steven Baertschi, Ph.D.

Baertschi Consulting, LLC



United States

Formulation; Delivery; Packaging Development, Product Characterization, Regulatory Review Analytical Life Cycle Management: Case Studies

Annette Bak, Ph.D., M.B.A.


Sr Director



Biotechnology>Pharmaceuticals In Global Health, Biotechnology>Preformulation, Biotechnology>Protein Aggregation And Biological Consequences, Biotechnology>Therapeutic Protein Immunogenicity, Discovery, Drug Discovery Development Interface>Nanotechnology, Drug Discovery Development Interface>Targeted Drug Delivery And Prodrug, Focus Group>Excipients, Focus Group>Lipid-Based Drug Delivery Systems, Focus Group>Nanotechnology, Focus Group>New Delivery Modalities, Focus Group>Novel Technology, Focus Group>Oral Absorption, Focus Group>Pharmaceuticals In Global Health, Focus Group>Precision Medicine, Focus Group>Preformulation, Focus Group>Protein Aggregation And Biological Consequences, Focus Group>Targeted Drug Delivery And Prodrug, Focus Group>Therapeutic Protein Immunogenicity, Formulation Design And Development>Lipid-Based Drug Delivery Systems, Formulation Design And Development>Nanotechnology, Formulation; Delivery; Packaging Development, Manufacturing, New Delivery Modalities, Novel Technology, Pharmacokinetics And Drug Disposition, Pharmacokinetics; Pharmacodynamics; And Drug Metabolism>Targeted Drug Delivery And Prodrug, Physical Pharmacy And Biopharmaceutics>Oral Absorption, Precision Medicine, Preclinical Research, Product Characterization, Regulatory Sciences>Excipients, Regulatory Sciences>Protein Aggregation And Biological Consequences Mid-Career Interviewing on a Global Playing Field

Associate Professor Prof. Bar-Shalom, Ph.D.

University of Copenhagen

Associate Professor



Analysis Pharmaceutical Quality>In Vitro Release And Dissolution Testing, Biotechnology>Preformulation, Clinical Pharmacology Translational Science>Pharmaco-imaging, Drug Discovery Development Interface>Oral Absorption, Focus Group>Excipients, Focus Group>In Vitro Release And Dissolution Testing, Focus Group>Inhalation And Nasal Technology, Focus Group>Modified Release, Focus Group>Oral Absorption, Focus Group>Pharmaco-imaging, Focus Group>Preformulation, Formulation Design / Devel., Formulation Design/Development>In Vitro Release And Dissolution Testing, Formulation Design/Development>Inhalation And Nasal Technology, Formulation Design/Development>Modified Release, Formulation Design/Development>Preformulation, Manufacturing Science Engineering>Modified Release, PK/PD And Drug Metabolism>Oral Absorption, PK/PD And Drug Metabolism>Pharmaco-imaging, Physical Pharm Biopharm, Regulatory Sciences>Excipients Swallowability in Children—Where to Find Inspiration for Age-Appropriate Formulations
Headshot 2017

Stephanie Barrett, Ph.D.

Merck Research Laboratories

Principle Scientist, Biopharmaceutics and Specialty Dosage Forms

West Point

United States

Extended Duration Parenteral Products as Patient Adherence Strategies

Jeremy Bartlett, Ph.D.

Pfizer Inc.

Associate Research Fellow

Oral Multiparticulates as a Pediatric Platform—How to Make Good Medicines Not Taste Bad

Jeremy Bartlett, Ph.D.

Pfizer Inc.

Associate Research Fellow


Hal Baseman

ValSource LLC

Chief Operating Officer

The Process Validation Lifecycle—Science and Improvement—An Industry Perspective

CAPT Edward Bashaw, Pharm.D.

U.S. Food and Drug Administration


Silver Spring

United States

Bioanalytical Testing, Clinical Research, Discovery, Pharmacokinetics And Drug Disposition, Regulatory Review A Regulatory Perspective on Precision Medicine for Topical Products

Dr Hannah Batchelor, Ph.D.

University of Birmingham

Senior Lecturer in Pharmaceutics, Formulation and Drug Delivery


United Kingdom

De-Risking Pediatric Clinical Studies—A Proposed Process Based on a Typical Development Pathway