Frank Sinner

Frank Sinner, Ph.D.

Joanneum Research Forschungsges GmbH
Graz, AT

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Dr. Frank Sinner has studied technical chemistry at the Technical University of Graz, Austria. He completed his PhD in chemistry in 2002 at University of Innsbruck and passed his habilitation at the Medical University of Graz, Austria. He is the director of the Institute for Biomedicine and Health Sciences at JOANNEUM RESEARCH. He is an expert in innovative pre-clinical and clinical methods for tissue-specific PK and PD and its use in pharmaceutical development. He led the development of dermal Open Flow Microperfusion for bioequivalence studies at JOANNEUM RESEARCH. His institute provides innovative methods and services, inter alia, to de-risk topical drug development. He has published more than 100 papers in reputed journals and book chapters and has been serving as an editorial board member.