Jeremy Bartlett, Ph.D.

Associate Research Fellow

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Jeremy A. Bartlett, Ph.D. Dr. Bartlett is currently an Associate Research Fellow working in Formulation Design and Development in the Pharmaceutical Sciences department at Pfizer in Groton, CT. The responsibilities of the group span from early stage discovery interactions to late stage oral formulation development which includes dosage forms such as immediate release tablets, controlled release dosage forms such as osmotic monolithic and bilayer tablets, matrix tablets, multiparticulate systems, and pediatric formulations. Dr. Bartlett received his bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Carthage College and his Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences (Pharmaceutics) from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Dr. Bartlett’s research interests include streamlining pediatric drug development and optimizing pediatric dosage forms to maximum their medical benefit. Outside of work, his passions include his family (amazing wife and kids), reading, traveling, and the outdoors.
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