CAPT Edward Bashaw, Pharm.D.

U.S. Food and Drug Administration
Silver Spring, MD, US

Dr. Bashaw received his BS in Pharmacy and Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Kentucky in 1986. Upon completion of a residency at the National Institutes of Health-Clinical Center, Dr. Bashaw accepted a commission in the United States Public Health Service as a reviewer in the then Division of Biopharmaceutics. In his 30yrs at the FDA he has been a primary reviewer, team leader, and a deputy division director across a number of therapeutic areas including, but not limited to neuropharmacology, surgical drugs, anti-inflammatory, over-the-counter, and pulmonary drugs in addition to his current responsibilities. He was appointed the Director of the Division of Clinical Pharmacology-3 (DCP -3) in March 2006. As the Director of DCP-3, Dr. Bashaw oversees the work of 28 PhDs. and PharmDs. The Division has the primary review responsibility for the Clinical Pharmacology review of drugs in the areas of: • Gastrointestinal and In-Born Errors of Metabolism • Bone, Reproductive and Urologic Drugs • Dermatology and Dental Drug Products Currently, in addition to his primary role as a Division Director, he is serving as a subject matter expert for clinical pharmacology in the development of FDA policies related to the development of Dermatology, dermal penetration, and Orphan Drug products. In addition, since 2015 CAPT Bashaw has been the lead Clinical Pharmacology Expert on OTC Sunscreen and Health Care Antiseptic Monograph teams within the FDA and has led the development of monograph specific policies. As a Commissioned Officer in the USPHS, CAPT Bashaw has been deployed to support relief operations for Hurricanes Katrina, Hugo, Andrew and Iniki. In addition he has participated in various health promotion activities and is a vaccinating pharmacist.