Jon Lenn, Ph.D.

VP, US Operations
Medpharm Ltd.

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Dr. Lenn is currently the VP of US Operations at MedPharm where he leads the group responsible for conducting performance testing of topical and transdermal drug products. He previously spent 14 years in the pharmaceutical industry (Connetics, Stiefel, and GSK) where he was primarily focused on topical medications for dermatology from early discovery through development and into post-marketing support. At GSK, he was Director of the Topical DMPK (Dermatology TA) group that was responsible for development of products from early discovery through Phase II. During his career in the pharmaceutical industry he gained expertise in the development of new chemical entities (large and small molecules), reformulation, consumer healthcare, cosmetics, and direct to consumer products. He has been a part of many global regulatory submissions resulting in 8 approvals. He earned a degree in Biology from the University of Denver, a Masters of Clinical Nutrition from the University of Kentucky, and his PhD in Pharmaceutics from the University of Reading.


Dermal Disease Models: Current Status and Gaps

3:30 PM–4:15 PM Nov 11, 2017

San Diego Convention Center - Room 28ABC

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