• Bryan Marks B.S.

Proposal Description:

Your organization’s success hinges on the strength of your team. Hiring managers and HR staffing managers need to attract the best talent to stay competitive. There are several situations that companies encounter where they consider utilizing a search firm, which we will discuss a group in this session.To get the most out of your search firm when you have a key opening on your team, it is critical that hiring leaders understand what to look for in a search firm, how to properly vet them and the various levels of service/fee structures that you can expect. In this workshop, we will also cover the best ways to communicate and collaborate with the search partner that you select, which can make or break the results of the search. Choosing the right search firm can lead to a lasting relationship that can benefit you through your entire career.

Learning Objectives:
- Learn what hiring situations warrant the consideration of finding and utilizing a search firm to fill a position?
- Understand what should any hiring team look for in a search firm?
- Review what is the most effective vetting process to employ when selecting a search firm (with either one or multiple search firms competing for your business?
- Practice the fundamental things that the best hiring teams do to best work with, communicate and collaborate with their selected search partner?
- Explore the joyful/painful realities of search and dealing with the ‘human element'.

Sub Sessions
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